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RM to Skrill

How to buy Skrill in Malaysia from Aryaexchange, and pay Malaysia Ringit.

1- First of all submit online request or simply Chat with us via whatsApp on 0172399606

2- After verification you will receive our Bank account.

3- Now you need to transfer money to our bank account. We do not accept electronic transfer from new clients for safety reasons, you have to do cash deposit.

4- Send bank transaction slip( screen shot or scan) to us, also your Skrill account. You need to write Skrill account on bank slip by hand writing before take scan or screen shot.

5- For small amount we will credit Skrill to your account in less than 3 to 6 hours and for big amount or a weekend you will receive Skrill less than 6 to 12 hours.

6- To buy Skrill from us there is no more charge and fee.

7- The minimum amount to buy to us is 50 USD ,and maximum amount is 3,000 USD per day.

Costs and fees: 0%

There is no more transfer fee and you will receive net amount.

For example if our rate to sell Skrill is 4.43 and you need to receive 100 $, So you have to pay 100 * 4.43 = 443 RM

If you order 100 $ Skrill and pay for 100, you will receive 100 $ Skrill.